Wedding FAQs


There are so many photographers around. We don't even know where to start or who to chose. What makes you different? 

It's important that you know there's a big difference between wedding photography and other types of photography. While different types of photographers can produce pleasing images, wedding photography takes a very specific skill-set. And even then, experience is crucial. I am a seasoned wedding photographer. Not only can I make beautiful photos under extreme pressure with a cheerful, reassuring smile and a can-do spirit―I also have a keen understanding of the ins and outs of weddings (which can only be gained from years of experience), and an abundance of people skills; balancing firmness with charm in the moments that matter (no joke at group photo time). My editing style is natural, leaning towards a film-like feel. The degree of how creative the edits are depends on your tastes and I adjust to your vibe. I work best with couples who are fun, artistic, adventurous and laid-back. If they aren't naturally organized they hire a great wedding planner to help them sort out the details so that they can still relax on their big day. 

Our budget is only X$. We didn't realize how expensive good wedding photographers really are.

I'm worth it. That cliche about the only thing left after a wedding being the dress and the photos is true. Most cell phones don't freeze action and/or can't function well in low light. And even if they did all of that, most people don't know about good lighting, composition and exposure. Having a friend photograph your wedding can be risky. (If you do consider having a friend or family member photograph your wedding, interview them as you would a professional photographer. And put it all in writing.) I'm an experienced professional. I know off-camera lighting for those dark receptions, I use professional gear (and back-up gear), am licensed and insured and pay my experienced second shooters a good wage. Your images are backed up onsite and offsite and I put time and love and blood and sweat and tears and my very soul into shooting and editing your wedding. I'm not sure that any amateur, cell-phone photographer or newbie who is just starting out can do all of those things. I also limit my bookings to 20 weddings a year in order to give your wedding the attention it deserves. Customized payment plans and special registries are availablewe also offer an associate program if your budget is limited. Last minute and weekday (Mon-Thurs) rates subject to availability. Please inquire.

How many images do I get for my wedding? How are they delivered? 

We average 50-100 images per hour of shooting. For digital only packages we deliver your full-resolution images online. You can share your web gallery with friends and family and download straight from the site.

Why don't you have dreamy images from styled shoots on your site? I'm looking at another photographer and her couples all look like models and everything looks sooooo perfect!

I only have dreamy images from real weddings on my site. A lot of those planners and photographers don't have a varied portfolio to show you, so they make one (with styled scenarios, model couples and low pressure―VERY different than shooting real weddings). I'm busy working for my clients, creating staged content for wedding blogs is not my priority (though my photographs of real weddings have been published several times). Before choosing a photographer look at his/her dark reception work if any of your event will take place after sundown. Look for images with real people other than a bride or groom. While being featured in stylish wedding blogs is nice, capturing this transformative day in your life is much more important to me. My objective is to create an accurate depiction of your wedding day that you'll cherish for years to come. 

What's the process to book you?

First, we check to see if there's availability on your wedding date. We either chat by email, phone, Skype, text, Facebook or even in person to see if we're a good fit. 50% down books your date, with the remainder of the balance due 30 days before your wedding day.