Ranch at Little Hills Wedding

Tara and Andre are destined for greatness--now that they're married they're sort of unstoppable. She's a goddess disguised as a mere human being and the urban dictionary proves it:  Urban Dictionary definition for "Tara".But lest you think even for a moment this couple couldn't possibly be the total package(I mean, really, what are the odds?)  meet sweet,  handsome Andre; who injured his finger just before our first meeting and sat there politely and uncomplaining while nursing the painful digit in a cup of ice.  That's the kind of guy he is.

Here are some of their portraits because, well, I'm just kind of awed by how beautiful this couple is in so many ways. Later--we'll have to take a peek at the rest of their awesome, simple, eclectic wedding. But for now. Sigh…

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And special thanks to my awesome second shooter for the day, Molly Davis. You are so many shades of wonderful. XOXO.