Hey--It's January.

High time for newly engaged couples to start booking our services but I say--you can also call us if you're NOT getting married. That's right. Just do it. Ma---wage. Or in non-Princess Bride speak, "marriage" is on the decline these days. More people are choosing cohabitation: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/new-normal-cohabitation-rise-study-finds-1C9208429 Which begs the point: Is the market for wedding photography on the decline? Am I about to become irrelevant as a wedding photographer?

Maybe. Just maybe. But I argue: Your relationship, if you've chosen to skip the hubbub (and the hubs) is no less important, authentic and real than a married relationship and if you choose to commit without the ceremony, ring, license and party you should still be able to look back with the help of beautiful photos that tell your story. You know, because you're younger than you'll be in the future, you're madly in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and in terms of how we look things just...change. Yep. I'm married. My hubs and I have been together for over 14 years and I look at our photos before kids and I'm transported to another life. A beautiful, exciting life filled with promise, high heels, lipstick and carefree office lunches in the city and nights where Rob and I ordered in and watched movies that weren't g-rated.

So yeah. I don't care whether or not my current, more traditional role as a wedding photographer is being phased out by the sway to a more non-traditional way of being because I know that memories are memories. Nearly everybody has important relationships and my treatise is to help tell their story.

Happy New Year and congratulations on not getting married if you're not engaged and don't want to be. Just don't forget; you should have beautiful photos that remind you of how much you love one another--for later. Do it for your future self. You'll thank yourself when you're old(ish) and you frequent your awesome colorist's chair.