You can never take the California out of a girl. Especially when she grew up with THIS

We were there for their wedding and really that JUST HAPPENED, right? When Kate's dad Mike (affectionately named Uncle Guido by my husband) danced her around to Kiss me Kate. And look, look , look how well she married. My God, what a gorgeous family! Kate (a DOCTOR of art history), you never fail to impress me with your unique brand of poise and humor. Thanks for sharing another day and your beautiful family with me.007_KandE_fam0060_WEB.jpg 034_KandE_fam0263_WEB.jpg 042_KandE_fam0353_WEB.jpg 044_KandE_fam0361_WEB.jpg 050_KandE_fam0391-Edit_WEB.jpg 073_KandE_fam0589-Edit_WEB.jpg 080_KandE_fam0616-Edit_WEB.jpg 100_KandE_fam0773_WEB.jpg 108_KandE_fam0815_WEB.jpg 124_KandE_fam0934_WEB.jpg 125_KandE_fam0497-Edit_WEB.jpg