Little girl--hippo-sized personality.

First let me explain why I just love this kid. She is a girl after my own heart as evidenced by her mother, Rachel:

Eliza: Mommy, I will never let you down. Rachel: Aww, Eliza that is sweet. Eliza: Yeah, I'll never let you down to the crocodile. Rachel: Thanks kid. Eliza: Crocodiles bite people.

Rachel: Eliza, thanks for being such a great helper today. I think we're good partners. Eliza super irritated: I am not a partner, I don't ride a horse and I am not a cowboy.

Eliza: I don't want to wash my hair. Rachel sorry kid, that's what the bath is for. Eliza; this sucks.

Eliza sneezed... Mark: what does Paula (Eliza's daycare lady) say after you sneeze? Eliza: come here so I can wipe your nose! Us: laughing Eliza: don't laugh, she says that!!!!

Eliza: Mommy, I have to pee Rachel:  okay lets go Eliza: "No, I want to pee in the dirt like a dog and cover it!"

Eliza (to random strangers)   screams "WATCH OUT THERE ARE HIPPOS BEHIND YOU"

Yep. Awesome kid.

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