Warm, funny, fantastic couple looking for their forever child.

Recently I was lucky enough to book a couple that reminded me what the WHY of my business and focus as a photographer is. Good pictures aren't just for albums or facebook profiles. Most often they are used today to convey a message and sometimes they change lives.  The message here is that John and Tami are going to make great parents one day very soon. The couple enlisted Joanna Ivey of Our Chosen Child, LLC to make a compelling adoption profile so that they can attract the attention of a birth mom and make a match with their child. They already had all kinds of photos with just one of them (the other was behind the camera) so they needed some nice photos that told their story as a couple.  I feel very honored and humbled that I was able to be a part of this project. I want the pictures I take to make a difference and I really hope that a fantastic, insightful birth mom will see what I saw when my friend Ajira Darch and I spent a recent afternoon with the couple (thanks, Ajira for your assistance and a few great photos below). What we saw was a funny, goofy couple who is very much in love and really has their act together. When the shoot was over our cheek muscles were sore and we had the unmistaken glow of two photographers who are completely taken with their subjects. You'll see what I mean as you scroll down.