Alhambra Valley Tree Farm!

Before we had kids we just had a fake tree. It was soooo easy. The lights were already on it and we just fluffed it up every year. No water, no needles. But then we came to the conclusion that there was no scent, no experience, no warm cozy feeling attached to dragging a toxic, Made-in-China lead-branched artificial tree into the light of our living room.  With kids came the desire to avoid toxic, cancerous junk and to build memories, experiences and tradition. So, last year a new family tradition was born. We  decided to cut down our own tree locally and support a local farmer while we were at it. Luckily there's an AWESOME tree farm here in Martinez, Alhambra Valley Tree Farm.  Last night we made our annual trek down there. The night didn't quite go off without a hitch. After finding about 10 trees Rob, Cate  and I were happy with we decided on one. Claire wasn't having it but we were running out of daylight. Later she told us that all of the trees we chose weren't big enough and that's why she rejected all of the trees we pointed out.  Maybe next year  we'll get one that we can't fit a star on top of... but  this year it's a compromise. I'd really love a Charlie Brown style tree or maybe one that's kind of jazz free-form but alas this is not the year where anyone quite gets what they want. :)  

I managed to get the Tree Farm guy to take a family picture for us. Not too bad, right?