K & S: Pasadera Country Club

Man, I love second-shooting--you get to have all of the fun by getting the candid, more artistic shots and this wedding was no exception. Please don't tell my husband that this is like a day of fun, intense shopping without the kids (recreational fun with my camera!)   Thank you Molly Davis of MEF Photography for letting me be your wing-girl. You were so much fun to work with and I just adore your eye, your sense of humor and your skillful grace! Pasadera Country Club in Monterrey is a gorgeous place; any bride's (and photographer's) fantasy for a dreamy California wedding. K&S are really, really in love and K is the most expressive bride. I love her face!  Let me start by saying that the photos I'm sharing aren't any huge attempt to tell a story. They're just my favorites from the day. That picture of the bride crouching down in front of the flowergirl with her eye's open wide? That is her with a gummy bear in her mouth trying to placate a grouchy, napless little tyke. One day she will make an excellent Mom. That is for certain. But one thing at a time ;)  


K has a really strong connection with her dad and it really shows in these dance photos. After their touching father/daughter dance he brought down the house with his Mick Jagger-esque performance. It was an evening of pure unadulterated wedding dance floor AWESOMENESS!!!! !