A little cause I believe in; Improving Birth, a National Rally for Change.

If you know me you know I'm pretty apolitical. I have these silly beliefs that the world should run by the power of the Golden Rule and that hard work should be rewarded. I believe that we should not trash Planet Earth, pretty much out of self-preservation and the continuity of my bloodline (the biological imperative, indeed) AND the bloodlines of cool people that rock (usually one and the same as those that follow the  Golden Rule). I believe if you're doing something and you're not hurting me, or anyone else, for that matter--as well as planet earth you should carry on--with my blessing. So...the idea that a woman should not have the right to make an educated decision about the kind of birth she has is appalling. You see, sometimes doctors don't "Do Unto" they just "do" what's easy. I think we can all  relate to taking the easy way out.  But this isn't just a day at work for new moms. I sincerely believe that a birth sets the tone for parenting and our confidence level in what we are able to achieve as moms. A bad birth experience can trigger postpartum depression. I'm talking about those times that nothing serious is going on with mom or baby and maybe she chooses to have a VBAC (please look that up because I don't want to use the "V" word on my business blog) and then the doctor puts her under the knife without her consent. Or when she's induced for the convenience of her OB and then winds up having a c-section. I may be sensationalizing things a little here--and I don't want to. My sister is a labor and delivery nurse and a true professional. I think in most cases we do right by our moms. But those few instances where a mom's ability to make a choice for no justifiable reason other than the OB wants to make their plane for their Maui vacation are what can be and must be prevented. You see, I believe that everyone needs to be respected and a new mom is no exception.

Here are some of my photos from the Berkeley rally: Improving Birth a National Rally for Change.  For the gallery in its entirety please click HERE on our Facebook Page.


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