Our child can't SIT STILL. How is this even going to happen?  

If you have a high-energy kid family portraits seem like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.  While I do traditional family portraits they're not my favorite. I want to see your family have FUN, play and revel in the wonder it is to be under 10. 

Confession: I CRINGE internally and try really hard not to get snappy when I hear you yell at or correct your kids at our sessions. Not because I don't appreciate good behavior but because I want your kid to be really HAPPY. And when someone is standing in the wings prompting kids to do certain things they clam up. How do you feel when 4 people are all yelling at you to do something at the same time? You want to tell them to go kick rocks, that's what. How are your kids any different? If anything, they have less ability than you do to keep it together.

Keep your expectations low for your child at a photo session and you will ALWAYS be pleasantly surprised. 

This little guy was super-high energy. The original plan was to do our session at the Japanese Tea Garden but when I met them it was clear that he needed the calm and open space of the ocean. 

Where should we do our session? We can do our shoot at noon on the beach, right?

Choose your location carefully. Firstwho is your child? Does she like to climb trees or use Daddy as a jungle gym? If he/she has some sensory issues, crowded places probably won't render good photos. Really think about where your children are most HAPPY. And then there's naptime... a hungry, tired kid is not a happy kid. In the summer the best light is later in the evening between 7 and 8 PM so if your child retires early, an early morning session or a shaded location will be your best bet. Any location at high noonunless it's indoors or shadedis not going to be ideal. 

Alsoconsider doing an in-home session if your home has clean backgrounds and good light. When I photograph on a kid's own home turf the dynamic changes and he/she tends to be more relaxed.

What should we wear?

Dress your child for movement and to complement Mom because, let's face it; us Moms need to feel beautiful first. This is kind of fun and helpful for choosing color schemes. And it may seem like overkill but consider getting your hair and makeup doneor at least some eyelashes appliedbefore your session. When you feel extra beautiful you'll relax in front of the camera.

Do I get all of the images in my proofing gallery? Does my sitting fee come with anything? 

If your package comes with all images, yes. The middle package and our top tier package includes all high-resolution digital images.  If you opt for the base package all items are a la carte and must be purchased separately. 

Your pricing seems kind of expensive for what I get. A lot of photographers offer all images on disc for $200. Why don't you? 

My pricing starts at $395 for a full custom session. Your session is uniquely yours. I don't style shoots because I photograph families that are in motion (banners, things hanging from trees, vintage tea parties and lemonade  stands don't follow kids like I do)  who want photos that are about relationships, connection and real joy. Doing that takes a special skill that is rare in this market of a million styled mini-sessions.  

I've been photographing families since 2010, am insured, pay taxes and understand the true cost of doing business. I want to stay in business so I price my services so that I can make a living wage while taking time away from my own family to photograph yours. 

Do you offer specials or payment plans for your sessions? 

Current clients can Join our exclusive portrait club for $99 per month and get one 90-minute session per year for your immediate family with a download of all high-resolution files, print release and lab recommendations. Restrictions apply.

What's your approach for extended family sessions? 

First, we need to try and get the big family photo if littles are involved. We then photograph the family groups with the most high-energy kids first, working our way to any adult or older kid groupings. Our mid-level package is recommended though if the session is a gift for someone the higher level package offers some great gift items. For groups of 6 or more we charge an additional $25 per head.