Attachment Parenting  Group, Briones Park, Martinez, CA

Holding your babies clothes, letting them feel as near to mom and dad as they need to be is truly one of life's remarkable gifts. I met Paala Secor at a rally supporting natural birth in Berkeley, CA. My wonderful birth doula and the event organizer, Deanna Jesus asked me to photograph it as a favor.  A normally shy and reticent Paala saw me working and asked if I did breastfeeding portraits. Having nursed both of my daughters on-demand until they were both about 3 I encountered a lot of pushback and less support of a baby's right to eat than I anticipated. 

So naturally--I'll do anything I can to normalize breastfeeding in public. Nursing portraiture is a niche that is close to my heart. Breastfeeding your babies is such a brief part of the mom/baby connection so documenting that part of your journey together is something a mom of older kids will appreciate when say--she gets the preteen eye-roll. 

This is a group of breastfeeding,baby-wearing mamas that have lots of fun together, supporting one another as they find their way as parents.