R + B Engaged! | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Oh these two make our hearts melt a little bit!  Brooke and Raoul are meant to be, and if being in love wasn’t enough to get them to the altar, missing only TWO points out of 100 (and really those two questions were sort of ambiguous)  on a compatibility quiz made it pretty clear these two should be together!  We were thrilled to spend a gorgeous afternoon with them around San Francisco and cannot wait for their fabulous October wedding!

Thank you, Brooke and Raoul, for including us in your memories and letting us capture your most special moments!

Brooke and Raoul_eng01_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng23_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng55_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng60_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng69_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng79_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng89_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng94_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng107_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng109_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng127_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng133_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng144_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng148_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng151_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng156_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng150_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng163_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng173_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng178_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng179_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng182_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng187_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng192_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng194_WEBBrooke and Raoul_eng197_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng198_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng210_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng215_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng229_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng238_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng239_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng250_WEB Brooke and Raoul_eng252_WEB

One Beautiful Mama + 3 Nurslings | Bay Area Family Photographer

We always love sharing the beautiful images that come from our sessions with this beautiful mama. We wanted to show off our Benicia Studio and jumped at the chance to introduce her new little man to the camera. The session was gorgeous, with the perfect lighting and the cutest subjects.

2014-03-27_0035 2014-03-27_0036 2014-03-27_0037 2014-03-27_0038 2014-03-27_0039 2014-03-27_0040 2014-03-27_0041 2014-03-27_0042 2014-03-27_0043 2014-03-27_0044 2014-03-27_0045 2014-03-27_0046 2014-03-27_0047 2014-03-27_0048 2014-03-27_0049

Session at our natural light studio at Benicia Arsenal.