My name is Nicole and I am the owner and primary photographer at Sweetness and Light Photography 


Most of my favorite subjects aren't really static (but I do like photographing gorgeous and unique wedding details).  I crave movement, expressed feeling and emotion and ever-changing environments. I make images quickly at each scene so that we have time for all of the beauty we see around us when we're playing at our photo shoot. 

I can be irreverent and have sort of a dry sense of humor but I know when and where it's appropriate.

I've got a husband, a german shepherd and a terrier-chihuahua mix, a smart as a whip but eye-roll-y pre-teen and a 2nd-grader who has an autoimmune disease that renders her completely hairless and incredibly healthy. Soif you see a bald kid in some of my photos, she is just fine and my family is only dealing with the struggles that come from having a member whose thing that makes her different is up front and center. 

We live in a 1920's tudor-style fixer-upper in the East Bay, but we are not fixer-upper-ers. As the hubs says, "We like to watch HGTV and not do the stuff."

I connect easily with people and I get kind of attached to my clients. My work is all  about connection and I'll start up a friendly banter and tell jokes (that sort of flop) to help you relax a little. 

Get this: I'm not the only photographer at Sweetness and Light Photography! 

When I'm already booked or my services are out of your price range I also have great associate photographers that can take care of your wedding photography needs. My associates are kick-ass photographers and human beings. They hang out with me even when we're not shooting a wedding (it's a love fest).  They already own their own photography businesses and we all work for one another as second shooters for our own bookings. This is a great way to get a fantastic, highly skilled photographer for a little less if your budget is tight.  My associates are familiar with the Sweetness and Light Photography style and I promise you won't miss me at all!  If you'd like to know more about booking an associate please let me know in the contact form!